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SATURDAY, APRIL 17th @ 11:00 A.M. &
SUNDAY, APRIL 18th @ 11:00 A.M.

Previews April 15th &16th 12-6 P.M., April 17th 9-11 A.M. &
immediately following Day 1 (Session 1) 3-6 P.M. & April 18th 9-11
A.M., or by appointment.
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1.35” Blown Glass Cane with Red, White & Blue Twists, est. 150-200
2.14” Light Emerald Green Demi John together with 11-1/2” Aqua Demi John,est. 100-150
3.Aqua 1/2 Pint Scroll Flask w/Iron Pontil, GIX-31, Small Rim Nick, est. 50-100
4.Olive Amber Travelers Companion with Sheaf of Wheat Quart Flask with Smooth Base and Applied Top, GXIV-1, est. 150-250
5.3-1/2” Tall Aquamarine Miniature Chestnut, Open Pontil, Applied Top, est. 300-400
6.Stoddard 3 Part Mold Olive Green Utility Type Bottle, Graphite Pontil w/ Applied Top,
7.Pair of Aquamarine Pepper Sauces, Smooth Base, Applied Tops, (1 has base chip), est. 30-60
8.1/2 Pint Midwest Swirl Flask, Light Green, Open Pontil w/ Sheared Top, est. 50-75
9.Pavilion and United States Spring Co., Saratoga, NY Pint, Light Teal Green, Base and Collar Chips, est. 75-150
10.Quart, Congress and Empire Spring Co., Hotchkiss and Sons, Saratoga, NY, Large “C” in Center, Emerald Green, est. 100-200
11.Pair Hawthorn Spring, Saratoga NY, Pints, Amber, est. 75-150
12.Quart, VT Spring Saxe & Co. Sheldon VT, Bright Green, est. 75-150
13.Pair, Pints, One is Congress Spring Co. with Large “C” Saratoga NY, other is Congress Empire Springs, CO. Saratoga NY with Large “C”,
Congress Spring has large chip, Emerald Green, est. 75-150
14.Pint, Star Spring Co, Saratoga NY, Stoddard, Amber, Lip Chip, est. 50-100
15.Congress, Empire Spring CO. Saratoga NY, Large “E”, Quart, Emerald Green, est. 50-100
16.Pint, Emerald Green Congress Spring Co., Saratoga NY, Large “G”, est. 50-100
17.G, Sidebotham, Philad A., Mineral Water, Blue-green, Iron Pontil, est. 75-150
18.Stoddard Golden Amber Stubby, est. 50-75
19. Willington Glass Co.Eagle Pint Flask, Olive Green , GII-61, Smooth Base With Double Applied Collar, est. 400-500
20.7-1/2” American Chestnut, Olive Green, est. 400-500
21.6 ½” Blown Flashed Ruby Hyacinth Vase with Pontil, est. 75-150
22.“Dr. Caldwells The Great Tonic Herb Bitters”, 3 Sided, Amber w/ Smooth Base, est. 200-300
23.Fancy Colorless Cologne, Pontil est. 50-75
24.4 ¾” Cobalt Hyacinth Vase, Pontiled, est. 75-150
25.Coventry Geometric Ink, 2-3/8” Diameter X 1-5/8” High ,Deep Olive Green, Open Pontil, GII-16A, est. 200-300
26.1 Gallon Brownware Batter Bowl by E & L.P. Norton, Benn. VT, 6” Hairline Crack, est. 75-125
27.2-Gallon Jug with Cobalt Swag Decoration by E. Norton & Co. Benn. VT, Minor Nick Base Rim and Small Tight Hairline, est. 200-300
28.2 Gallon Jug with Blue Bird by West Troy Pottery, Staining, est. 300-500
29.4 Gallon PA Storage Jar with Cobalt Decoration Around Top and Cobalt Highlights on Handles, 2” Firing Crack Top Ring & Spider Crack on
Base, est. 300-400
30.2 Gallon Ovoid Jug with Cobalt Spitting Tulip by Thomas D. Chollar Homer, Burn in Decoration, est. 250-450
31.(2) Utility Bottles, 3 Part Mold, Olive Green, (1) is Open Pontiled, Other has Smooth Base w/ Applied Tops, est. Pair 100-200
32.4 ½” Square Snuff , Olive Green, est. 75-150
33.Dr. Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, Albany NY, Light Olive Green, Variant with Nail Heads, Pontiled, est. 250-350
34.Spring Garden Glass Works w/ Cabin on Back, Pint, Aqua, Smooth Base, GX-III, est. 150-200
35.Browns Celebrated Indian Herb Bitters, Indian Queen, Medium Amber, Chip on Rolled Lip, est. 300-500
36.Sandwich Cologne, Clear, est. 100-200
37.Half Pint Pitkin with Swirls thru Glass, Light Olive Green, Open Pontil, est. 500-700
38.Aqua Eagle Cornucopia 1/2 Pint Flask, Pontil with Sheared Lip, GII-45, est. 200-300
39.Sandwich Ribbed Cologne, Deep Blue, est. 300-500
40.8-3/4” Amethyst Hyacinth Blown Vase, Pontiled, est. 75-150
41. 4 Gallon Water Cooler with Cobalt Floral Decoration and Blue Bands by Edmunds & CO., No Lid, Chips Top Rim and Large Chip on Spigot Hole, est. 300-500
42. 2 Gallon Jug w/Cobalt Swag Decoration, Large Potstone Back and Staining, est. 150-250
43. 1 Gallon Pitcher with Cobalt Leaf, Small Top Rim Nicks and Hairlines, est. 300-400
44. 2-Gallon Jug with Large Floral Spray by J.E. Norton & Co. Benn. VT, Glaze Drip Left Side and Staining, est. 300-400
44a.5 Gallon Crock w/Pecking Chicken, Prob. NY State, 6” Hairline Left Front of Decoration est. 600 - 800
45. 2-Gallon Jug with Pouring Spout, Cobalt Floral Spray, by Ottman Bros. & Co. Fort Edward NY, Top Rim Chips, Est. 250-350
46. Constitutional Beverage, W. Olmstead & Co, New York, Golden Amber, est. 500-700
47. Pair, Congress Spring Co. Bottles, Emerald Green, est. 40-75
48. Keene, Geometric Ink, Light Olive Green, GIII-29, 2-1/4” Diameter, 1-1/2” High, est. 250-350
49. American Eagle and Tall Tree, 1/2 Pint Flask, Aquamarine, GII-60, Open Pontil, Sheared Lip, est. 400-500
50. 1/2 Pint, Stoddard Double Eagle, Olive Amber, Pontiled w/ Sheared Top, GII-86, est. 150-200
51. Advertisement, Dr. Langley’s Root & Herb Pills, est. 25-35
52. Stoddard 3 Part Mold, Utility Bottle, Olive Green, Pontiled, est. 50-75
53. Keene Geometric Ink, 2” x 2-1/2”, Olive Green, Pontiled, est. 175-250
54. Pint, Congress Spring Co., Saratoga NY, Emerald Green, Large “C” Collar Chip, est. 40-60
55. Keene, Melon Rib Pint Flask, Pale Green, Lite Pontil, Sheared Top, est. 300-400
56. 2 Gallon Jug with 4 Flower Decoration, Staining and Potstone, est. 150-250
57. Small 2Gallon Butter Churn with Cobalt Flower Design, est. 200-400
58. 2 Gallon Jug with Cobalt Swag by F.B. Norton, Worc. MA, Several Hairline Cracks Around Neck and Handle, est. 150-250
59. 4 Gallon Crock with Large Blue Bird on Branch by New York Stoneware, Fort Edward NY, Small Rim Chips, est. 400 - 600
60. 3 Gallon Jug w\ Cobalt Leaf Design & Retailers Marks, J. Bligh 29, 31 & 33 Orange Street, Providence RI, Couple Burns in Decoration, est. 200 -300
61. 52” Blown Glass Baton (or Cane) w/ Red, White & Blue Twists, est. 200-300
62. Olive Green Chestnut, 8” Tall x 4-1/2” Wide, Open Pontil, Applied Top, est. 300-400
63. Quart, Congress & Empire Spring Co., Saratoga NY, Olive Green, Large “C”, est. 75-125
64. Keene, Cornucopia and Urn Pint, Olive Green- Shade to Olive Amber, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, GII-73, est. 150-200
65. Large Bennington VT, Book Flask, Flint Enameled, 7-1/2” Tall, est. 300-400
66. Quart, Clark & White, New York, Olive Green, with Large “C”, est. 50-75
67. Quart, Washington and Bragg Flask, Aqua, Double Collar w/ Smooth Base, GI-42, est. 75-125
68. Clear Apothecary Jar, WR Warner & Co., Philadelphia, Pat. Sept. 18, 1876, Open Pontil, Blown Stopper, est. 100-200
69. Pint, Stoddard, Star Spring Co., Saratoga NY, Golden Amber, Embossed Star on Front, “X” on Bottom, Applied Lip, est. 100-150
70. 32” Blown Glass Whimsy Pipe, Decorated with Faceted Beads and Striped Green and Red, est. 200-400
71. 2 Gallon Ovoid Jug with Cobalt Moth-Dragon Fly? By R.L. Fenton & Co. East Dorset VT, Potstones and Glaze Misses, est. 500-700
72. 2 Gallon Crock with Double Tulip by N. Clark JR, Athens NY, est. 200-300
73. 4 Gallon Crock with Flying Blue Bird by Seymour & Bosworth, Hartford Conn., Pitting on Back & Staining, est. 600-800
74. 7-1/2” Miniature Ovoid Jug with Floral Decoration and Highlights on Handle, Rim Nick and All Over Glaze Alligatoring, est. 500-700
75. 5-1/2” Stoneware Oyster Jug by Sargent Bros., Thomaston, est. 200-300
76. Olive Green Shoe Blacking Bottle, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, est. 75-150
77. Stoddard Stubby, Golden Amber, Applied Top, est. 50-60
78. Dutch Onion, Green, Pontiled w/ Applied Top, est. 100-200
79. Quart, Guilford Mineral Spring Water, Guilford VT, Emerald Green, Applied Lip, est. 70-90
80. Washington & Taylor Quart Flask, Aqua, Double Collar, Smooth Base, GI-45,est. 75-125
81. 9” Emerald Green Hyacinth Vase, Open Pontil, est. 75-150
82. Aqua Flask w/ 14 Ribs, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, est. 75-150
83. Bennington Type Boot Flask, Chip and Crack, est. 75-100
84. Browns Celebrated Indian Herb Bitters, Light Golden Amber, Damage to Lip, Has Lamp Collar, as is, est. 300-500
85. Pair MA & PA Carter Inks, Minor Surface Wear, est. 125 - 175
86. 5-Gallon Crock with Large Floral Spray by J & E Norton, Benn. VT, est. 600-800
87. 7-1/2” Stoneware Ring Flask, est. 150-250
88. 1 Gallon Butter Crock with Lid, Cobalt Swag Design by T.G. Daub, Easton PA, Lid with Underside Chip, Base with 2 Small Rim Nicks, est.
89. 1 Gallon Ovoid Jar with Incised Partridge Highlighted in Cobalt, By I. Seymour, Troy, est. 3000-4000
90. 3 Gallon Ovoid Jar w/ Large Spitting Tulip, 6” Hairline Behind Handle & Stains est. 250 -350
91. Vaughn’s Vegetable Lithontreptic Mixture, Quart, Aqua, Buffed Smooth Base, Applied Top, est. 400 - 600
92. Johnsons Calisaya Bitters Burlington Vt, Lt Amber w/ Applied top, Partial Label, est. 100 - 150
93. Deep Aquamarine, Calabash, Embossed Jenny Lind, Glass Works S. Huffsey, Open Pontil, Applied Top, (2) ¼” Chips on Collar, est. 100-200
94. 1/2 Pint Midwestern Flask w/24 Ribs, Rich Cobalt, Open Pontil, Tooled Top, est. 500-700
95. 3 ¼” Miniature Aquamarine Chestnut , Has Small Lip Chip, Pontiled, Rolled Top, est. 300-400
96. Black Glass Rolling Pin, 15-1/2” Long, est. 200-300
97. (2) Stoddard Utility Bottles, Olive Green, Applied Tops, Pontil, est 100 - 150
98. Small Bennington VT Book Flask, Flint Enameled, Prof. Repair, est. 150 - 250
99. Aquamarine Medicine, How’s Improved Liniment, Open Pontil, New Brunsk, NJ, 3 Indented Panels, Applied Top, est. 200-300
100. Rare Stoddard Chemist, Embossed J.K. Palmer Chemist Boston, Olive Amber, Has a sm.Radiated Potstone, Open Pontiled, Applied Top, est. 1200 - 1500
101. (2) Stoneware Lids, est. 50-100
102. 3 Gallon Stoneware Water Cooler with Cobalt Ring Top and Bottom Impressed “Ice Water” on Front Highlighted in Blue, No Lid or Spigot, 3” Hairline Left Side, est. 300-400
103. 1 Gallon Cream Crock w/Cobalt Flower by Whites Utica, Small Rim Chips, est. 150-250
104. 4 Gallon Ovoid Storage Jar with Cobalt Flower, Norton & Fenton, Eat Bennington VT, Small Rim Nicks & Glaze Burn, Left Side and Staining, est. 300-400
105. 5-Gallon Crock with Large Basket of Flowers, F.B. Norton & Co. Worc. MA Prof. Restoration and Several Small Interior Spider Lines, est. 3000-4000
106. 3 Gallon Crock with Double Tulip by PL. Mugler & Co. Buffalo NY, Rim Chips and Staining, est. 200 -300
107. 2 Gallon Crock with Blue Bird, E.N. Brownson, Troy, NY, Rim Nicks and Several Potstones and Tight Interior Spider Line, est. 400 - 600
108. Stoneware Bottle, Marked J.W. Thomas, est. 75 - 125
109. Whites Utica Covered Jar, No Lid, Base Rim Chip, est. 100 - 150
110. 3” Miniature Brownware Jug, Incised “Triple Strength White Wine Vinegar, Guaranteed to Keep Pickles, For Sale by Mrs. Hulda Ritton Parkersburg W. VA,” Small Rim Nick Top and Base
111. Byron-Scott 1/2 Pint Flask, Nice Honey Amber w/Open Pontil and Sheared Top, est. 400-600
112. Coventry Geometric Ink, 2-1/8” Diameter, 1-3/4” Tall, Olive Green, est. 200-250
113. 9-1/4” Boll & Dunlap Distillery Est. 1821 Rotterdam Holland, Aromatic Schnapps, Square, Bright Green, with Applied Top, est. 75-150
114. Keene, P & W Sunburst, 9 Marlboro Street, 1/2 Pint, Olive Green, High Point Wear, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, GVIII-9, est. 600 - 800
115. 43” Blown Glass Cane with Threaded Red, White & Blue Design, est. 150-200
116. Amber Calabash, Hunter- Fisherman, Open Pontil w/ Applied Top, Some High Point Wear, GXIII-4, est. 300-400
117. Dutch Onion, Olive Green, Open Pontil, Applied Top, est. 100-200
118. Willington Glass Co. Eagle Pint Flask, Olive Amber, Smooth Base with Single Applied Collar, GII-61, est. 300-400
119. Browns Celebrated Indian Herb Bitters, Indian Queen, Medium Brown,Ground Top, Lip Chip, Est. 300-500
120. Rare Sandwich Amethyst Cologne, with Matching Stopper, 6” Tall, est. 700-900
121. 3 Gallon Crock with Spotted Breasted Blue Bird by S. Hart Fulton, 3” Hairline to Rim and Interior Body Spider Hairline, est. 400 - 600
122. 2 Gallon Jar with Blue Bird on Floral Branch, Whites Utica, est. 300-400
123. 1 Gallon Ovoid Jug w/ Cobalt Highlights, Glaze Run Front and Potstone, est. 150-200
124. PA Preserve Jar with Cobalt Swags Around Rim Top, est. 75-125
125. Rare 3Gallon Butter Churn with Blue Bird on Stump, by Ottman Bros. & CO. Fort Edward NY, Older Repair & Small Spot Pitting on Back, est. 800-1200
126. 9-3/4” CA. Richardson & Co. 99 Washington St. Bost. MA, Amber, Square w/ Applied Top, est. 100-200
127. 6-1/2” Rectangular, Longley’s Panacea Medicine, Aqua, Pontil, Applied Top, est. 150-250
128. Keene Melon Rib Flask, 1/2 Pint, Greenish Aqua Open Pontil, Sheared Top, est. 250-350
129. 9” Dr. C.W. Roback’s Stomach Bitters, Cincinnati O, Light Amber, Barrel, Smooth Base, est. 300 - 400
130. 8-1/2” T.H. Taylor Medicine, Brattleboro VT, Aqua, Rectangular with Applied Top, Pontiled, est. 250-350
131. “Byron & Scott” 1/2 Pint Flask, Olive Green, Embossed, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, GI-14, est. 400-500
132. Large Olive Green Cased Gin, 11” Tall, 4” Square, Open Pontil, Applied Top, est. 75-150
133. 11-1/2” Tall, Purple Ameth Sandwich Cologne, 12 Panels, est. 500-700
134. Pint, Ribbed Cruet, Light Aqua, Open Pontil, Hollow Handle, est. 50-75
135. Champagne Style Bottle, Teal Green, Spirit of Camphor Portland ME, John F White Pharmacist, Original Label, est. 150 - 200
136. 4 Gallon Crock with Flying Blue Bird with Branch in Mouth, CN Mansfield, Lewiston ME, Minor Rim Nicks and Staining Along Bottom, est. 800 - 1000
137. 2 Gallon Crock with Blue Bird on Stump by Brady & Ryan, Ellenville NY, Tight 2” Hairline Front Rim, est. 700-900
138. Small Storage Jar with Retailers Mark, A.B. Wheeler & Co. 69 Broad Street Boston, MA, est. 75-125
139. 4 Gallon Butter Churn with Cobalt Tulip, 2” Back Rim Chip, and 3” Base Rim Hairline, Staining, est. 300-400
140. 1 Gallon Crock with Tornado Type Decoration, Ottman Bros & Co. Fort Edward NY, est. 100 – 150
141. 10-1/4” Edw. Wilders Cabin Shaped Stomach Bitters, Edw. Wilder & CO. Wholesale Druggist, Louisville KY, Clear with Embossed Building Front, est. 150-250
142. Light Amethyst Cruet, Open Pontil, Hollow Handle, est. 150-200
143. 6-3/4” Rare Milkglass Hair Bottle, Rathgebers Bijouempyreal for the Hair, New Haven CT, Defect in the making in neck, est. 600-800
143a.Dr. Stephen Jewetts Paper Label together with Kennedy’s Medical Discovery Paper Label with Pain Killer Directions (Various Languages), est. 100-200
144. Pitkin, Pint Flask, Yellow Olive, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, est. 600-800
145. Keene Geometric Ink, Olive Green, Open Pontil, GII-29, est. 200-300
146. Stoddard 1/2 Pint Double Eagle Flask, Olive Amber, Pontil, Sheared Top, GII-86, est. 150-200
147. 10” Free Blown Demi John, Olive Green with Deep Kick-up Pontil, Thousands of Bubbles, est. 200-300
148. 8-1/4” Light Amber Handled Chestnut with Pontil, est. 75-125
149. Aquamarine Miniature Chestnut (Made into Oil Filler), Open Pontil, Crude Tooled Lip, est. 300-400
150. 4-1/4” Tall, Square Amber Snuff, Original Snuff, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, MacKenzie Collection, est. 75-150
151. Large 3-Gallon Ovoid Pitcher with Large Drooping Flower and Cobalt Highlights, est. 600-800
152. 3 Gallon Jug with Parrot on Branch, F.B. Norton & Co. Worc. MA, 2 Top Rim Nicks and Large Base Hairline 6” (In Body), 6” Across Base and Potstone in Decoration, est. 800-1000
153. 3 Gallon Jug with Floral Tornado Type Decoration, Haxstun Ottman & CO. Fort Edward NY, Top Rim Nick & Staining, est. 200-300
154. 1-Gallon Crock with Floral Spray, E & LP Norton, Benn. VT, est. 100-150
154a.Rare 2-1/2” Miniature Ovoid Double Handle Crock w/Cobalt Highlights, Small Hairline Left Handle, Small Chip Above Right Handle and Interior Flaking,est. 1000-1500
155. Preserve Jar with Swing Handle & 98% Original Paper Labels, Heinz’s Preserved Damson’s- H.J. Heinz Pittsburgh PA, est. 200-300
156. 40” Blown Glass Cane with Red, White & Blue Twists, Damage to Tip, est. 100-200
157. (2) Bottles, Olive Green Snuff, Smooth Base, Flat Chip on Shoulder, and 6-1/4”Tall Beveled Side Snuff, Smooth Base, Crude Top, Lip Chip, Cloudy Surface, est. 50-100
158. Keene Geometric Ink, Olive Green, Open Pontil, GII-29, est. 200-300
159. Aquamarine Calabash Sheaf of Wheat with 8 Pointed Flower, Unknown Maker, Open Pontil, Applied Top, est. 75-100
160. Rare 9-1/2” Aqua Magnetic Springwater Bottle, St. Louis, Mich. w/ Triple Threaded Top and Smooth Base, est. 700-1000
161. 12-1/2” Aqua, Goofus Glass Pickle Jar, est. 100-200
162. Bust of Washington, Bust on Taylor with No Embossing, Quart Flask, Light Emerald Green Plain Base, Applied Lip, GI-54, est. 600-800
163. 10” Tall, 3-1/2” Square, Olive Green Case Gin, Open Pontil, Applied Top, est. 50-100
164. Round, Olive Green Utility Bottle, Applied Top, Open Pontil, est. 75-100
165. Light Emerald Green, Shoe Blacking Bottle, Open Pontil, Rolled Lip, est. 75-100
166. Pikes Peak Eagle, Pittsburgh, PA, 1/2 Pint, Aquamarine, Smooth Base, Applied Lip, GXI-10, est. 100-200
167. Midwestern Double Eagle Banner, Quart Flask, Aquamarine, Iron Pontil, Sheared Top, GII-26, est. 100-200
168. (2) Light Amber Demi Johns, 15” & 13-1/2”, est. 50-100
169. Travelers Companion & Sheaf of Wheat, Quart Flask, Olive Green with Smooth Base and Applied Top, GXIV-1, est. 150-200
170. Double Eagle, Embossed Stoddard N.H., Granite Glass, Pint Flask, Olive Green, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, est. 150-200
171. 6” Chestnut Flask, Aqua, with Tooled Rim & Pontil, est. 100-200
172. Large 6-1/2” Tall Snuff, Olive Green, Smooth Base, Pontil, Applied Rim, Check on Shoulder, est. 100-200
173. Hock Style Wine Bottle, Peacock Blue, Tooled Collar, Lip Chip, est. 50-100
174. Cased Gin together with 2-3/4” Blown Amethyst Shot Glass, est. 30-50
177. Aquamarine, Oval Shaped Medicine, Embossed “Chapman’s Cholera Syrup, Geo. Moore Proprietor GT Falls NH” Smooth Base, Applied Top, est. 100-200
178. 7-3/4” Tall, Golden Amber, Embossed “C.A. Richards 18 & 20 Kilby St. Boston Mass” Smooth Base, Applied Top, est. 150-250
179. Aquamarine Indian Cologne, Open Pontil, Rolled Lip, est. 100-200
180. 9-1/2” Clear Glass Blown Pipe with Twisted Neck, est. 50-100
181. 4 Gallon Butter Churn with Running Blue Bird, Rim Chips and Large Interior Body Spider, Hairline Left Side, est. 700-900
182. 4 Gallon Crock with Large Basket of Flowers, M.E Warner, West Troy, (2) Small Rim Chips Back Side, est. 1500 - 2000
183. 3 Gallon Crock with Blue Bird, NY Stoneware Co. 3” Hairline Near Right Ear & Minor Staining, est. 400 - 600
184. Unusual Stoneware Dog’s Dish, K. Herser Pauk 2422, (2) Base Chips, est. 200 - 300
185. Stoneware Bottle with Cobalt Highlighted Around Neck, D-Bacon, est. 150 - 200
185a. 4 Gallon Crock w/Pecking Chicken, J & E Norton Bennington VT, est. 6000 - 8000
186. Union Clasped Hands and Eagle, Midwestern, 1/2 Pint, Amber, Hinge Mold, Applied Top, GXII-33, est. 200-300
187. Cornucopia & Urn, Bright Olive Green, Coventry CT, Pint, Pontiled, Sheared Top, GIII-4, est. 150-175
188. Stoddard Kimball’s Jaundice Bitters, Olive Green Shading to Olive Amber, Graphite Iron Pontil, Applied Top, Very Tiny Flat Chip on Base, Has Backward “S”, est. 1000-1500
189. Large Olive Green Chestnut, 10” Tall, 4-1/2” Wide, Ludlow?, Open Pontil, Double Collar, est. 400-600
190. (2) Hair Bottles with Labels, Amber, Montgomery Hair Restorer, and Aqua Hair Restorer, G.E. Briggs, Both Smooth Bases, est. 100-200
191. 39” Aqua Twisted Cane, est. 75-125
192. Aquamarine, Shaker Canterbury, #1, Open Pontil, Applied Top, Small Chip on Shoulder, est. 100 - 150
193. Olive Amber Snuff with Embossed “W” on Bottom, Smooth Base, Rolled Sheared Rim, est. 100-200
194. Aquamarine, Union Clasped Hands, Pint, Smooth Base, Applied Top, Tiny Rim Nick, GXII-18, est. 100-200
195. (2) Bottles, Light Amber, Doyles Hop, and Aqua- Golden, Dr. Pierce Medical Discovery, est. 40-60
196. 1 Gallon Crock with Cobalt Decoration and Dated 1843, Bubbling in Decoration,est. 800-1000
197. 3 Gallon Jug w/Floral Spray, Haxstun Ottman & Co. Fort Edward NY, est. 200-400
198. 5 Gallon Jug with Large Blue Bird, New York Stoneware Co. Fort Edward NY, Staining, est. 400-600
198a. 2 Gallon Crock, Cobalt Spray, S.L. Pewtress & Co. New Havens CT, est. 100-200
199. 4 Gallon Blue Banded Butter Churn with Dasher and Lid, Whites Utica, Top Rim Chips, est. 200-400
200. 3 Gallon Crock with Flying Spotted Blue Bird, (2) 3” Rim Hairlines and Chips on Right Ear, est. 700-900
201. 1 Gallon Crock with Large Flower Design, N.A. White & Sons, Utica NY, 3” Hairline Back, Pitting & Staining, est. 100-150
202. 1 Gallon Brownware Pitcher, 5” Hairline Body, est. 50-100
203. 1 Gallon Jug with Small Floral Spray, Large Potstone Back, est. 75-125
204. Brownware Molasses Jug, Incised “B. Granaham, Pittstown PA, Rim Chips Top, est. 75-100
205. Raspberry Preserve Jar, 65% Original Label, Logan, Johnson & Co. Bost. MA. No Lid or Handle, est 75 - 125
206. (2) Green Demi Johns, 14-1/2” & 12-1/2”, est. 50-100
207. Aqua, Cocoanut Oil, C. Toppan, Fancy Shape, Smooth Base, Applied Top, Est. 50-75
208. Aquamarine, Embossed “Dr. Lanley Root & Herbs Bitters, 76 Union St. Boston”, Tall Version, est. 50-75
209. (2) Bottles, Poor Mans Family Bitters with Label, Smooth Base and Olive Green Utility Bottle, Open Pontil, Flared Rim, ¼” Lip Chip, Possibly Stoddard, est. 50-100
210. Rare Ink, Embossed “Hohenthal Brothers & Co. Indelible Writing Ink, NY”, Applied Pouring Lip, Open Pontil, Large Crack, As Is, est. 100-300
211. Olive Green 3 Mold Utility, Label (Not Original), Smooth Base, Applied top, est. 50-75
212. 7-3/4” Tall, Amber Shaker Hair Restorer, Smooth Base Double Collar, est. 150-250
213. Pair Clear Sandwich Ribbed Colognes, Open Pontil, Tooled Lip, est. 100-200
214. 13” Blown Glass Pipe with Opalescent Twisted Neck and Opalescent and Cranberry Decorated Bowl, est. 100-200
215. Aquamarine, Washington Baltimore Glassworks, Pint, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, GI-18, est. 200-300
216. 4 Gallon PA Ovoid Jar with Floral Leaf Design, Prof. Repair, est. 300-500
217. 8” Stoneware Tankard with Pewter Lid, Incised with Bird & Butterfly Highlighted in Cobalt, 3” Hairline Top Rim, est. 300-500
218. 1 Gallon Ovoid Cream Crock w/Floral Decoration, Lyons, Stain, est. 300-400
219. Small PA Open Handled Crock with Cobalt Swag and Highlights on Handles, Small Burn in Glaze, est. 400-600
220. Small Retailers Jug, Impressed A.C. Strasburger Wines & Liquors, Cigars & Tobacco, Westminster MD, Bubbling in Glaze and Potstones, est. 300-400
220a.3 Gallon Storage Crock with Cobalt Decoration, Edmunds & Co., Chip Interior Lip, est. 150-200
221. Olive Green, Impressed Label “Anthony & Dunbar Pure Brandy for Medicinal Purposes, Globe Drug Store, Fall River Mass”, Improved Pontil, Applied Top, Bubble Burst on Bottom, est. 100-200
222. C.A. Richards, Reddish Amber, Square with Applied Top, Smooth Base, Roughness on Side Seam, est. 100-200
223. Keene, Marlboro St., Cornucopia & Urn Flask, 1/2 Pint, Light Olive Green, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, est. 100-200
224. Olive Green Dutch Onion, Open Pontil, Applied Collar, MacKenzie Collection,est. 100-125
225. Pint Scroll Flask, Aquamarine, Open Pontil, Sheared Top, GIX-II, est. 100-150
226. Large Aquamarine Bottle, Open Pontil, Applied Top Has A Radiated Potstone, est. 30-50
227. Aquamarine Kickapoo Indian Sagwa with Partial Label, Smooth Base, est. 30-60
228. Lot (4 )Pontiled Bottles, together with (1) Green Aqua Ink, est. 50-100
229. 8-1/2” Stoddard Utility Bottle, Olive Green with Applied Top and Pontil, Open Bubble on Side, est. 50-100
230. (2) Amber 1/2 Pint Flasks, together with Light Green Aqua Masons Fruit Jar, est. 30-50
231. Stoneware Lid together with Wooden Butter Churn Lid, est. 30-50
231a.4-1/2” Stoneware Tankard with Blue Bands and Pewter Lid, est. 100-200
231b.9-1/2” German Stoneware Bottle, (Flemish Type), est. 75-125
232. Stoneware Oyster Jug, Robert Stewart, Lewiston ME, Small Rim Nicks, Potstone and Interior Hairlines, est. 200-300
233. 1-Gallon Jug with Cobalt Highlights on Name, F.B. Norton & Co. Worc. MA, est. 75-125
234. 6 Gallon Brownware Butter Churn with Handle, Lid and Dasher, Roughness Lid, est. 150-250
235. 5-1/4” Stoneware Blue Banded Beer Mug, Impressed Rochester Brew Co. Rochester, NY, No. 20 on Base, Small Top Rim Nicks, No Lid, est. 200-300

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